donderdag 3 februari 2011

The most beautiful things in love cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart

I decided that I wanted to make an outfit post.
It's my first one! It's not a really special outfit, but I like it.
I made this picture with my mom's mobile,
so It's very bad quality, you can't see everything very well.
And on the picture of my shoes my legs look like giants, 

but that's because of the way I took it. At least, I hope so.. 

Blazer: vintage. shorts and singlet: H&M. wedges: marktplaats. overknee socks: action. belt: vintage

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Heis zei

Je eerste outfitfoto!
Mooie blazer en goed gecombineerd met de riem!

Caramelle zei

leuke blazer + riem!


Thnks voor je comment (:

Fashionable and me♥ zei

Wauw, mooi wedges! Dankje voor het volgen!

Vanilla zei

Love your shoes :)

Love, Vanilla

PIX zei

Hi Emily ! thaks for your commento on my blog!

Please become my follower!
I'm following you too!
Love your style and toughts..You are still young but you have the ideas of a fashion woman :-)
Anna, from Italy

maverick diva zei

love your blog!
love everything in this post :)

Eve ♥ zei

love it all ♥

Jeana zei

great blog :)

Anoniem zei

wow, mooie outfit!

Melissa zei

lovely wedges!!!!!x

london loves zei

Nice Blazer! Thx for commenting, hun!

Anoniem zei

I think its a cute outfit:)My inspiration to wear something like that tomorrow. Thanks:)

You hardly know me zei

Love your blazer/trenchcoat, too bad its such a small picture.

Phuong zei

je blazer is mooi!

mirjam schuurkamp! zei

great blazer!

xo model from holland

new outfit of today online
everyday a new post come check it out

Sofia zei

Thanks for commenting. Love the belt!

t zei

Nice look!

Fashionism zei

Great look!
Thank you for the comment :)
I'm following you!
Follow me if you like my blog!

Romy# zei

Pretty outfitt! & leuke blog!
I follow youu<3

MJonas_ zei

your blog is very cute!!:)

if you want you'll be my follower!!