zondag 6 maart 2011

Live it up, drink it down, party hard

In the Netherlands we celebrate carnaval. 
Not everywhere in the Netherlands, but I live in Brabant.
There's a whole story behind it, but actually it just comes down to just party for 3 days with crazy music, and everyone disguises.

The first day it's a little strange in the beginning, but when it's getting later, it's great fun.
If you want to know where carnaval really is about, you can click here.
Me and my friends are going to wear the same, and we're disguised as stewardess.
Our outfit looks a bit slutty on the picture, but in real it looks a lot different. Well, people in the Netherlands, are you also going to celebrate carnaval?

3 opmerkingen:

Jet♥ zei

ik ben gisteren ook geweest =)
als geisha!

Anoniem zei

jaaaa ik vierde gister ook carnaval!
ik was rockstar/rocksterrr

Cuppykirsten zei

Carnaval! <3
Vanavond weer, als vogelverschrikkertje.