zondag 27 februari 2011

Right now, someone you haven't met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you

I've got a stylish blogger award from Romy! (http://live---love---laugh.blogspot.comThank you!
Here are ten facts about myself.

I often shop at thrift stores. Some people think that's only dirty and stuff, but I like it. 
If you look closely you can find beautiful things. And it's all so cheap!2. I absolutely love music. I can enjoy music soo much, and when I hear an older song that I know, there are almost always memories behind it. And it reminds me of things about the past.
3. I love singing. My family says I'm quite good, but I'm too shy to be heard by other people.
4.I'm absolutely addicted to chocolate. 
During my week is chocolate forbidden for me (for myself..) but during my weekends I can't resist it to eat at least 2 bars. 
5. I prefer to be anymous on my blog (you only know my first name) because otherwise I'm afraid it's going to be too personal and EVERYONE can see this blog, and that makes me a little hysterical. 
6. I forget everything! If my head wasn't screwed on I'll forget him too. I'm very chaotic.
7. I like to go to overpriced stores as the PC hooftstraat, but I can't really afford it!
I just like to look around.
8. I can't live without my blackberry.
9. I'm afraid of the hairdresser. He cut my hair too short so many times.
And now it's almost one year ago that I've been to a hairdresser. My hair looks like shit, I have a lot of dead ends, but I'm afraid he's going to cut it too short again.
10. I work at a clothing store. Most clothes are ugly and for old ladies, but I like working there.
 It's nice to talk with people and help them to find a nice outfit.

Okay, you may think I'm a freak, haha.. Mm, maybe I am.
Well, I'm going to give 10 more stylish blogger awards to other people! 

5 opmerkingen:

Eve ♥ zei

a thrift store is een tweedehands winkel, right? als dat wel zo is. Wij hebben dat niet hier in het dorp, of in de buurt. teminste niet dta ik weet.
zingen; ♥<-- alleen in mn kamer dan haha.
chocolaa ♥
ik blijf ook anoniem op mn blog. niet iedereen hoeft mijn achternaam te weten.
ik vergeet ook ALLES echt alles.
ben nog nooit in de pc hoofdstraat geweest, wel zo'n beetje nummer#1 op mn to do list haha.
ik heb geen blackberry. --''
mijn advies over je kapper; zoek een andere.
ik wil ook in een kleding winkel werken :)

zoo. ik ha de eerste 2 uur uitval dus ik dacht ik ga een lekkerlange,onwijs,nutteloze reactie sturen.

Younique zei

Super leuke weetjes ♥ en die kapper angst heb ik ook, haha O:)

Cuppykirsten zei

Vintage winkels! In Antwerpen heb je zoveel leuke!
En wie houdt er niet van muziek, zingen of chocolade, en wie heeft er geen hekel aan kappers die je haren te kort knippen?

Ik niet! :D

Liefs, Kirsten

Jazzy E (hivennn) zei

so pretty. x hivennn

Fashionable and me♥ zei

Leuk om te lezen!
& mooie achtergrond