maandag 20 december 2010

No one else can even compare, you're perfect and this is real love that we share

I'm going to shop with my mum in Rotterdam on Friday!
I'm really looking forward to it, and here are some things I'd like to have.

7 opmerkingen:

livelaughlies zei

Leuk!! Dat 2e blouse ding is echt superleuk!

DIY / The fashion building zei

Ik wil ook echt nog heel graag die top van Monki!

Béracha zei

Nah, ik ben jaloeeeers.
Rotterdam is echt leuk. (:
Ik heb nog een week school, bwuh.
Maar veel plezier vrijdag!

Imelda zei

Leuke wishlist!

Madeleine zei

i love that shoes :))

Natalie`s blog zei

I`ve fallen in love with the first 2 things!!! What a gorgeous items! I saw this 3rd shirt yesterday at H&M... it would be perfect if it would be longer.

Cindy zei

Die laatste schoen is echt heel mooi! :D