zaterdag 4 december 2010

My heart is not for sale, you have to steal it

I never bought anything at Ebay, but I was looking on today, and I saw some really great things, and not expensive!
I don't know how I can buy things, I hope it is easy, but does someone have experience with it and can explain to me how it works? Most of the things I've found, are from UK, is it possible to get things from there? I live in the Netherlands.
This is what I've found:

Vintage Lace up Wedges Keilabsatz Boots asos Cognac 39

5 opmerkingen:

Liesewiesje zei

Nice stuff you bought! :D Have fun with them :)

Rosie zei

Thanks for your comment :)
Ebay is pretty self explanatory I think but I'm not sure about the Netherlands... give it a go!

Rosie x

Caramelle zei

liefde aan die schoenen! Ik heb zelf geen ervaring met ebay, maar mijn vriendin is er verslaafd aan haha. Meestal komen alle dingen keurig en mooi aan (: Alleen nooit make up bestellen vaak over de datum of nep.

Sabine zei

Super leuke dingetjes!
Dankje dat je mijn blog bekeken hebt.

Hasseeeee. zei

Echt, die schoenen zijn zo geweldig. (: