donderdag 25 november 2010

I sea you!

Yesterday I went to the mall, and I saw this color.
Actually, I only wanted to buy a present for a friend, but it was just so cheap, and I had to buy it.
There was 25% discount.

I don't have so much money now, but I didn't bought anything this whole month, so I thought I just had to do it. I don't have regrets, because I like it very much!
It looks great on your nails.
It's called: 250, I sea you!

6 opmerkingen:


The color looks great! <3

head over heels zei

gorgeous colour, its nice to treat yourself once in a while :P x

demi knight zei

thanks for your comment :)

Avery zei

I know, it's a very nice color! haha, i saw it a long time ago :p

Liesewiesje zei

Looks like a pretty colour, looking forward to see how it looks on your nails if you will do that at least =)

Rosa zei

dat is echt een prachtig kleurtje!