woensdag 13 oktober 2010

My head is a terrible place to be

There's something that's bothering  me.
My best friend is angry at me.
She has a boyfriend, or almost..
She lives in another city 
(not far away) and  and she goes to another school than me.
She's angry because I didn't ask a thing about her (almost) 'boyfriend', but how could I do that if I haven't seen her for days?
Yesterday I went to some friends, and she was there too, but she didn't say a word to me.
I feel horrible. I know I didn't do anything wrong, but I still can't stop thinking about it.
When there's happening something sad in my life, I just think about it whole day. It drives me crazy.

4 opmerkingen:

Avery zei

Sterkte :(

Tara Van Calster zei

coool blog :), i follow you


Thaís ♥ zei

i know your feelings.
its terrible, but u should talk with your best friend!!
lucky :P

Sarah zei

sterkte meis.
ik volg je.