zondag 10 oktober 2010

I miss Summer

I don't like autumn. Except for the beautiful colours in trees.
I don't like it because it's so cold and rainy.
I have to cycle to school, and when I'm finally arrived, my hair is screwed up and I'm all wet. I hate that.
But I hate winter even more. Most people like snow, but I don't.
Snow looks beautiful, I like to make pictures of it, but that's it.
I miss summer.. when I could swim everyday and take a sunbath.
This year we went to Spain, and I miss that so much! That was a great vacation.
Almost the best ever. When I look at the picture, I can almost cry because I want to go back.

6 opmerkingen:

Avery zei

oh yes, i hate the cold also.. last winter i had to cycle everyday 2 hours and this year i was like: don't want to do that again :p so i moved to my father, who lives near by school.
but the winterfashion is pretty cool!

Audrey Marianne zei

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Emily ♥.

Victoria zei

I agree ! I miss summer soooo much !

fashionstoned zei

Meid ik mis het ook!!!!

Anoniem zei

i miss summer too, :(
great photo btw,
great blog,
new follower :)

Bardot in Blue zei

i miss summer too! that water looks divine :-)

xoxo BB